Giving back to the community & Free Goodies

I have learned a lot from the community and it’s my turn to give back to the community now. I am available (free of cost) for 30 mins consultation for each week.
Where can I help ?

I worked on these areas extensively and I would like to offer help.
1)    Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery for BI applications
2)    Deployment automation
3)    Building test framework

How does it work ?
You can contact me on using the “Contact me”  page on my blog. I recommend you to write few lines about the problem you are having in your organisation. This will enable me to understand whether I can be of any help. If I can help, then I will let you know the date and time for a 30 min call.

During this call, I will share my thoughts and may propose a solution. This may not resolve all your issues. But at least it will give you a direction to proceed.
After the call, I will write a blog post about the problem and the suggested solution. This would help others, if they come across the same issue.

Few rules:
1)    Provide an official mail id for communication. I am committed and serious about this initiative and I expect the same from you
2)    Time duration is strictly 30 min
3)    No training or Career counselling during this time