Continuous Integration (CI) Tools


After my last blog post, I have got very good response from individuals and organisations for help. Based on their request, I have shortlisted and booked few appointments to help them.

Last week, I had a session with an individual to help him to implement continuous integration for their Data Warehouse. I have discussed about the possible options and recommended few approaches to proceed. I am glad, I was able to share my experience and help them to take the first step.

During the session we have discussed about various CI tools available in the market and thought I will provide a little blog post to help others as well.

I have worked with these three CI tools heavily and always happy to recommend them.

Image result for atlassian bamboo logo
I am sure almost all of you familiar with the defect management application JIRA. This application has been developed by the company Atlassian. In addition they have a product for CI which is Bamboo.

Bamboo is tightly integrated with other Atlassian tools like JIRA, Bitbucket and Fisheye. This helps any organisations to increase productivity across the enterprise and increase communication between development and testing teams. In addition they have a utility to migrate Jenkins configurations to Bamboo.

Bamboo can be installed on in-premises or in cloud. The pricing plans are based on the number of remote agents.

Image result for teamcity logo
TeamCity has been developed by the company JetBrains who has developed the famous Resharper application for .NET. The simple and easy to use GUI made TeamCity as a popular choice for a CI tool. In addition it does support many .NET frameworks. In-house framework can also be integrated easily with TeamCity. It offers professional edition for free. This is ideal for small and medium sized organisations. In addition there are also 3rd party plugins available.


Image result for jenkins logo
Jenkins is one of the popular open source CI tool which is  widely used. The functionality and look and feel can be extended with the help of many hundred Plug-Ins. These Plugins support most version control systems and even big databases. There are many plugins available for unit testing within Jenkins.Jenkins has been published under MIT license.


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