Why do I need to learn PowerShell now?

I am well settled and very happy with my day-to-day job, So why do I care about learning PowerShell script ?  This is the thought I had in my mind few years back. However a SQLBits session unleashed the potential of PowerShell. Since then I am learning and using PowerShell a lot. The PowerShell knowledge enable me to automate all activities related to deployment and helped me to achieve the Continuous Integration in the early stages.
So if you are like minded person and asking the same question then read further. I have highlighted the areas where I have seen tremendous benefits of PowerShell.

1)    Deployment automation for Microsoft BI
PowerShell will help you to access the functionality of all Microsoft Business Intelligence applications (SSIS, SSAS and SSRS). You can access SQL server to deploy new tables or you can execute a SSIS package.


2)    Microsoft’s recommended way for automation
Microsoft has got a good support for PowerShell. It is the standard and recommended automation tool. PowerShell can be used for Windows Server, SharePoint, Office  365, Azure , SSIS, SSAS and SSRS. PowerShell is the first choice to automate the configuration and management activities.


3)    PowerShell Automation is a key skill
If you are managing a release for many servers at the same time, then many things could go wrong. Now stay cool with PowerShell script automation. This will reduce manual errors and increase the productivity within the team. It is a key skill for release managers and DevOps consultants.


4)    Greater support for DevOps / Continuous Integration tools
Most of the popular tools in DevOps (Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity,etc)  does support PowerShell. So you can leverage the PowerShell to support for Build and deployment automation.


5)    Easy to learn
If you are familiar with .net framework, then you will be able to learn PowerShell quickly, as the PowerShell has been developed based on .NET.
So, what are you waiting for? Start your PowerShell journey today.


Learn PowerShell basics here
Bit lazy to read ? You can watch a video to gear up your skill here
Super excited and want to use PS in your day to day activities?
Deploy your SSIS projects with the help of PowerShell
Enable continuous delivery for SSRS


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