Continuous Integration (CI) Tools


After my last blog post, I have got very good response from individuals and organisations for help. Based on their request, I have shortlisted and booked few appointments to help them.

Last week, I had a session with an individual to help him to implement continuous integration for their Data Warehouse. I have discussed about the possible options and recommended few approaches to proceed. I am glad, I was able to share my experience and help them to take the first step.

During the session we have discussed about various CI tools available in the market and thought I will provide a little blog post to help others as well.

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Learn more about SQL Server

How do we improve our SQL knowledge and access what we know ?

The following links will help to improve SQL Server knowledge

You will learn about a specific topic in SQL Server. The stairway series are an excellent way to accelerate knowledge in no time.

You can find a solution to an uncommon problem here. Quick and easy to read tip in a page.

An SQL server encyclopaedia !. I can’t even imagine how he is able to write about each and every feature about SQL server.


Joes 2 Pros Book Series

A SQL book has been written in easy to understandable format. I love Rick Morelan’s examples for every concepts.

The SQL puzzles are a great way to access your knowledge. Its fun J. Take a challenge a day to improve your confidence.


Online SQL Test

I have written a post about online SQL Test